Question for everyone who mentions sending out "a million" resumes. Are you sending out the same resume for everything you apply for or tailoring it to each position? Also where are you finding the jobs to apply to? Are you using mass job sites like careerbuilder, company websites, sending them to network connections? I'd love to be sending out more resumes but don't qualify for a lot of jobs.
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Pretty much I send out the same resume. I do change the cover letter more than the resume, but even that is basically the same thing with a few different sentences to highlight a certain skill.
I don't really send out a "million " resumes . It's really about 4-8 every day. I send out to the ads that I read are a good fit, I hardly ever see much more than that in 1 day.

In case you don't already don't have to meet all of the requirements exactly. Even with years experience and things like that. When I send them out('a million') I do look at those big websites and send out the same resume for most of them..but then there are a few or maybe even just one that is something I am really interested in or matches my skills exactly..then I'll take the time to tailor my cover letter and resume(if needed) for that job.
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In my experience, I have yet to be called for a job that didn't look like a perfect fit or almost a perfect fit.
I have tried sending out to jobs that are not a closer fit and all I got was once an email telling me tailor my resume better if indeed I wanted that position or the more likely, no response.

Has anyone here gotten interviews for jobs that didn't fit too well?