hey pendesd! well it takes me between 10-20 mins for the product to seal in and my curls to spin like i want them to. this is when i just use the diffuser on medium cool setting, shake my hair with my fingers to separate and break up the curls then i air dry the rest of the day. i find this to be better than just air drying alone because there's a lil manipulation from my fingers and the cool air blowing on it helps the frizz. now to diffuse completely dry, i would say 45 mins to 1 hour. i have a lot of hair! when i do that i do the first 20 mins on med cool, switch to high heat for a lil while and go back and forth with cool and hot until my hair is dry. now during both these routines, i'm moving my head in all directions, up, down, side to side, upside down and everything. my blow dryer on cool is essential to my routine. i like the bowl because it spreads the air out and it's not directed in one area therefore i have less flyaways. i'll post a picture of my blowdryer if i can find one. i hope that helps

amneris, i'm glad to see you are liking your natural stuff! that's how i felt too when i was transitioning, i couldn't stop touching it. congrats
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