I didn't read the whole thread (good lord - how did it get so long! ) but I was gonna suggest the BWC since I've been so happy with it - then I saw that it's on your "pass"list because of availability.

I've heard good things about MOP C-System hydrating shampoo, but again, there is the availability and expense question ...

Also, have you considered anything from Aveda? My stylist always uses Shampure on me, and my hair is always happy after the salon - no more three days of "shampoo shock" after a cut, like back in the day.

Anway, hope you find something you like.

The Giovanni you will find to be just as drying as the TJ's Nourish - they are nearly identical in fomulation, and I've tried and disliked both for that reason.



ETA: I figured out how it got so long!!!! Dios mio! Talk about eyecandy!
coarse, thick 3a
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