As for your shampoo search, why not purchase a bunch of sample or trial travel size shampoos at Sally's, Sephora, Whole Foods, etc... That way you don't have to invest too much money but can try a lot of different things and find something that suits your finicky hair!!! I know that Whole Foods carries a TON of travel size health and beauty items.

Good luck!
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You are right curltopia (gosh it is so hard to write that ). I do plan to go to Sephora (perhaps tomorrow) to get samples. I still would like to get people's opinions because my hair does not like PJ-ism. It goes crazy. It has a true cancer personality--it does not like change LOL!

Here is some more yummy pictures! There is something about the way he “holds” his mouth that makes me swoon. My favorite is the large one I posted above but these are still hot.

A young Johnny:

A mysterious Johnny:

Johnny with a crazy hat LOL:

Johnny in B&W:

Johnny and Che:

Johnny playing the best part in “Once Upon a Time in Mexico”:

Okay, I better get back to work .
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