Well, I didn't get that job. Not sure what all happened there, but whatever. Back to square 1.

The most recent job I applied for sounds like it'd be a pretty good fit for me, but the thing that worries/annoys me is that it would actually be a pay cut from my current job. Not a huge one, but a good 7-8% based on the published salary range for the job. But I would try to negotiate that up, or look for other perks, or try to get assurances that I could be up for a raise sooner than a year. Of course, I have no clue if I'll even get called for an interview, let alone be offered the job, so this is all a little premature.

On one hand, I can afford the cut, mostly because I am single and thus only have to take care of myself. And I am good with my money--no debt except student loans. But at the same time...the thought of taking less money = ugh.

What about all of you? What's the biggest pay cut you'd consider, and just how perfect would the job have to be in order to take it? (Obviously, this assumes you're like me and have a perfectly fine job that you can just as easily keep. If you're out of work it would be a different story.)
2b-ish--embracing my waves this summer
Aussie Catch the Wave condish, L'Oreal NutriGloss condish; Nexxus Designing Texxtur Cream, Rusk Radical Creme, Pantene Curl Defining Mousse, Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam; coconut oil for DTs