k well i got a sample of the aveda flax gel and loved it , so i realized that the aveda 8oz wouldnt last me long , so i googled and found like only 3 sites that have a gallon. so this site is called Internatural . and for a gallon of Nirvana flax gel its $70, i know its alot but everything over $50 is free ground shipping and this would last me a long while , the other two sites are roughly about the same with $3-$4 diff and that including shippng too..i didnt order yet cuz i read u guys mentioned about alcohol in it and i wanted to make sure this one doesnt have any.. i noticed i needed a pump to go with it and the other 2 sites didnt have any , weird huh , but this one had 2 pumps so i put in for one that was $2.55 ( the cheapest) so in total it comes too $73.50, so ya i think im gonna order it 2morrow , it takes about 4-5 biz days to get here to CA so thats not bad since im in no hurry ( the other sites were the same in shipping days to CA , unless i wanted to pay more in gettin it quicker which added up to $100 . yikes! ) .
Edit: i figured with the price this gel would last me for months so it pay for itself in the long run , plus i tend to rotate my products like i always use a curl creme before a gel etc.
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