Mine was the Um sure vote. She is ok looking I guess. Much like me. My father.. ugh.. should of thrown that one back.
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HA! I almost spit my coffee out at that one.

My mom was pretty in her day. She looks beautiful in her wedding photo and in the pictures from when I was a baby. She was alawys very into hair and make-up, jewelery and all that girly stuff.

She put on a quite a bit of weight after my sister was born and cut her hair short so throughout most of the 70's she wasn't great looking. It was hard enough to look good the 70 with the hideous fashions, but the short hair really didn't help.

She started to look good again when my sister was in high school. She let her hair grow out and lost some weight and for a woman in her mid-late 40's she looked pretty good. Then she got cancer and lost her hair. While it was in the growing out process she kind of looked like a man, basically she and my father had the same hair-do, picture Alex Trebec (both parents are curly). We would joke with her so she had a sense of humor about it. It was just starting to grow out and look kind of nice when she passed away. Her skin always looked pretty good though.

My father is a decent lookin guy, he was definitely cute when he was younger. He's in his 60s now and still looks like Alex Trebec.
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