Ok, I voted that I am proof God has a sense of humor. Why? Because I have many classic (someone else's term here) beauty traits: blue eyes, blond hair, tall, thin; without actually being pretty. My hair is frizzy and wild. I was underweight for many years and looked physically ill. I wore braces for over 3 years. I wear glasses or contacts all the time. As a child and teenager, I was picked on relentlessly for being so skinny, long-legged and brainy. Oh, and my nose with a hump on it is crooked from being broken twice. I am definately a late bloomer!!! About 3 years ago, I finally started gaining weight. I look the best I ever have. After I gave birth to my daughter 8 years ago, I became comfortable with my appearance. With 40+ pounds of weight added, I look pretty good. But still not pretty. I am one of those women who can be sexy without looking pretty. Sexy has to do more with liking who I am, than dressing or walking any certain way. I like me without being in love with myself though and that is something others can pick up on.
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