I know your pains with the UK... i've spent a small fortune trying to find the holy grail products from the other side of the pond!! I've kind of given in now, as much as i love trying different products there is little substitue for gentle handling and a little TLC.

I decided about a month back that i was going to find an all UK routine and so far i'm loving it! Heres what i'm using:

The body shop honey moisturing shampoo (SLS free, is very gentle and feels like a conditioner when you apply it, i use this about once a week on my entire length and just do scalp washes at other times)
The body shop honey moisturing conditioner (lovely lovely lovely!! It has the A cone in it but its pretty low down the list and doesn't build up on my hair)
For my styling i mix together garnire fructis curls and shine leave-in with Boots curl cream and scrunch!

The garnier fructis stuff (from what i can tell) is only available on the web but its a UK based site so no silly shipping fees! I can't find the webpage where i brought it now... i'll let you know if/when i do!