Sometimes I think I look like crap. other times I think I look pretty good, a lot depends on how I feel or what I'm doing. I'm still get a pimple now and then, along with tiny lines. Sometimes I hate my nose and long face, (sorta Sarah Jessica-ish), but I'd look stupid with a short nose, and I hate bangs on me, so I don't cover my forehead. I think my limbs can be long and gangly, and my man hands bug me sometimes. But I see enough of my parents in me, and my husband loves me just this way- that I can live with it all

So many of you sound like people that are famous (and beautiful!) for their differences (Lauren Hutton- gap smile for instance). And I truly believe that some of a person's beauty truly comes from the inside, even if their physical features are less than perfect.

For my wedding day I shopped and tried so many different makeup colors that I thought I'd go insane. I poured over magazines and websites for hair styles- I was doing pretty much everything myself so I was a bit worried. I felt I had to change myself or something.

On the day of our wedding I threw on my makeup, and the combs wouldn't keep my hair up (I nearly threw my hair into a ponytail!) but I actually had a "eh- who cares!" attitude when it came time to walk out. I was just determined for my DH and I to enjoy ourselves with our loved ones, and now looking back, I looked probably the best I've ever looked, because of the pure happiness in my heart. No boob job, nose job, hair extensions... could have made me look better.
Don't let your heart be broken. Let it love.