this is just a general warning to everyone selling items on this board: wrap all checks, money orders, and money (yes, i have received cash for payment before ) in a sheet of paper before placing them in a sealed envelope. or mail it in an opaque envelope, even better. my local post office told me to do this because someone has been stealing money orders in the mail. i've been having some issues with this myself in a sell, so please keep this in mind when you're sending payment for something.

also, kind of an aside, but i really appreciate well wrapped packages. one of my first swaps here were very poorly packaged and leaked all over (plus it rained which didn't help), so i am very THANKFUL when someone takes the time to wrap products carefully. please please PLEASE use tape to seal bottles and tubes, and if you can (especially with partially filled tubes) expel the air from the tube prior to sealing it. Thanks!

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