Medusahair the GNC multi vit i take i purposely got 1 that says on the bottle no iron or iodine , i dont mind iron but a lil too much isnt good , plus i eat healthy stuff that has iron in it so im not hurting for it.. but u can get one with iron and iodine in it..i ALWAYS eat something before i take my vits and the other day i took them but totally forgot i hadnt eaten and 10-15 mins later i was feeling a lil tad nauseous. then i figured it out and ate right away lol .
Edit : I havent shedded with these two vits combined , but then again i really havent had a shedding prob . the only time i ever did was when i got a perm and was shedding like crazy for the first few weeks , the shedding eventually calmed down , nothing to where i was looking bald. The only time i see a few hairs is in the shower and thats on 2-3 day hair . with sleeping on it and havent really needing to comb my hair ( mabye finger combing if needed ) , spritzing with water and thats it of course im gonna see a few hairs by then , but nothing major.
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