I live in an area with a high concentration of nyc suburb transplants, and I think that is where most of the snobbery comes from. I guess a lot of them can't help it because it is part of their "culture" and how they were raised. Where I grew up, people weren't nearly as bad.
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What is that comment supposed to mean? Where do you get people from NYC were raised this way??? I sure as hell was not.
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I *think* she means that places like NYC and California are more image-conscious than other parts of the country. I wouldn't call it snobbery, though. I just think we New Yorkers are on the cutting edge of fashion and culture, in general.
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That's how I took it too. *Generally* people in the midwest or in small towns in general don't give a rat's a@@ what people look like. NYC is a very style conscious town though (as evidenced by a lot of you here) and I'm sure a transplanted NYC native might take more notice of a person's appearance than a homegrown midwesterner... IN GENERAL.