Well, I am definitely a 3a, and lately (when my hair has gotten a bit longer) I have realized I have some 3b in the neck, but mostly I am a 3a.

It will be really interesting to see if these "hair type forum" will work. I hope so.

I have gone back and forth between CG and modified CG. A while I tried to find a sulfate shampoo that I could use but had to give that up when every single one I tried dried my scalp and hair out pretty bad. Mostly my hair. My scalp isn't as dry as most curly heads.
I can't do "full" CG. I get buildup and last time I tried it my scalp got zits from the conditioner clogging up the pores. No good. So now I use a cocamidopropyl betaine cleanser a couple of times a week and I have actually gone back to using Creme of nature again, even if I decided not to use it for a while.... I alternate between Mastey Traité shampoo (coca. betaine) and Crème of nature now. Every other day and every other time.
I use Aveda Detoxifier once a month to remove buildup from what nots and minerals. Then I do a deep treatment after that. I love Jessicurls Weekly Deep Treatment. I have used it since the end of last summer and it works great every time.

I have recently started leaving in lots more of my HG Elucence MB conditioner and my hair LOVES that. I also mix it with Aveda Elixir leave-on (so I use both at the same time, but Elucence only on the ends). This is a great working leave in mix for me. I get lots of curl and moisture from it. I use Angell or B&A Gel. lately I have used Angell mostly, but I love both of these stylers. They are my HG's too I think.

I always air dry my hair. Get too much frizz if I don't and I am afraid of drying my hair if I use the diffuser. :P
I haven't tried plopping so far but I am planning to. I can't ever get 2nd day hair and the pineapple doesn't work on me.

This place and the CG book have given me a totally "new" hair. I can't express enough gratitude. I also love how nice most people are on this board. I have been members at other boards and I have never experienced such a nice atmosphere like here.