You guest aliases are cracking me up!

Hi Mayim and Rain and Kurlee

My routine: 2xper week use Chagrin Shampoo bar (lately loving Herb Garden). Rinse. Apply conditioner du jour (Aubreys White Camelia lately). Rinse. Towel dry with Aquis towel. Scrunching out. Apply RR 1 - 2 palmfuls. Use either CCSS (1/2 palmful with RR mixed in) or another styler. Always use OJON Shine Serum--1 -2 pumps of it raked and scrunched in or the OJON Styling Creme. Then I small smidge of Abba Weightless (tan bottle) on top. Awesome hair with any of these. Staples are the OJON products for styling and the Abba and RR and the Chagrin Shampoo bar and the AUbreys--duh...guess everything I listed is a staple

I diffuse a bit to get the drips out. Then put up in a jaw clip and air dry til lunch. Then down. I always get 2nd day and 3rd day hair lately.