i'm on here too!!!
i'm trying out some new stuff on my routine, but this is what's been working lately:

wash-Creme of Nature shampoo or elucence conditioner
clarify- Elucence clarifying shampoo once a month
conditioner-Elucence MB conditioner
leave in- Aveda elixir, with a SPOT of elucence mixed in for good measure!
styling- B&A, but i have samples of angell, abba weightless, etc on it's way now!

my big thing is putting the products on wet hair, i plop for 15 mins, then i dry for 5 mins using the pixiecurl method. i don't do it until it's DRY, but it helps get some of the weight from the water out of my hair. then i just don't touch it until i'm at work (about 1 hour in the car with the vents aimed at my head) then i scrunch. been working rather well!

i'm interested in trying honey though...
so i think i might do a new thread!...since we have a whole section to ourselves!
3A Once again on the quest for BSL healthy curly hair....