hey kurlee - even though your posted as "guest" i knew it was you in the first sentence!

i belong here too! although, like mayim, i have some 2C also. i'm pretty much CG/modified..... here's my current routine:

-wash with devacurl no poo or jessicurl HCC about once a week, other days just rinse and massage scalp
-condition with devacurl one condition or devared sacred love one condition
-quick rinse upside down, leaving almost all conditioner in
-scrunch in gel: either angell (use lots!!!!), B&A, RR+B&A, or nexxus POTAER
-plop in microfiber towel for 45-60 minutes
-remove towel, smooth a little more of gel du jour over canopy, and air dry

every so often (not quite once a week) i'll DT with a mixture of condish, honey, aloe vera gel sometimes, shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil. i often use shea butter or coconut oil on my ends at night too.

i'm in a constant battle between one condition and elucence MB conditioner which i also love.... i was a faithful devacurl user but after the "one condition 'cone crisis" after lorraine massey's january interview, i convinced myself that my hair felt producty with one condition. so i got elucence and alternated, ran out of one condish, and used elucence exclusively. THEN i decided i missed one condish, got a liter, sold the rest of my elucence and now i'm thinking it feels producty again. what is WRONG with me!!!!??!?!?!?
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