Hi all! I have never been the first person to post on a message board before. I feel so special!
I am mostly a 2c, with 2B and a little 3A mixed in to keep thing intersting!

What does everyone do for their hair?I have just started to get into my wavy/curly hair.
Right now I am shampooing with TBS Honey poo about 2-3x a week. On the days I don't poo I use suave mango peach to CO. Every day I condition w/ TBS honey condish or Elucence MBC( just got it have used 2 day in a row).
I use HE humidity defying gel. I'm not crazy about it but also don't hate it!

My big problems are Frizz and lack of defintion. Any suggestions will be welcome!
I just got a bottle of CurlKeeper and am going to start using that next week. I really don't like to try too many new products in one week to see if they actually work.
I tried CG for a month and myhair was a mess! I really need to poo more often or I get major oilslicks!

Now its your turn!
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