...Not to say that there aren't jerks where I'm from or near where I'm from (even in my family).

There are a lot of cultural differences between what goes on downstate and here. I wasn't really talking about NYC, but more Fairfield, some of Westchester, Long Island, etc...Not that there aren't a lot of nice people there, but there are a LOT of people with attitudes that I have never encountered before. Countless others who live farther north in NY say very similar things, and I didn't know what they were talking about until I experienced it myself.

Yes, you could say there is a higher concentration of let's say...image-conscious...people down there...and I am basing this comment on a broad range of experience over a long period of time...not just a few isolated incidents. It is okay to care about what you look like, and have nice things, but it is quite another to judge others harshly (and be serious about it) who don't have what you have.

There are cultural differences all over the US. Cali and NY aren't Texas or Alabama...and North Carolina isn't Oregon...and you probably wouldn't confuse them if you knew them.

Eh, now I'm sorry I mentioned it. There are jerks everywhere...who cares where they're from.