phew, I'm glad you went first.
I'm a 2b/c and 3a on a good hair day. pretty much like your type. Mine is growing out from a pixie last september, but its now down to my shoulders thankfully. i wash every three days with tresemme poo and dish, but I have heaps of other favs that I use like, sunsilk hydrating with coconut milk, alchemy and Garnier just to name a few. I started using CK last week, and LOVE IT TO DEATH!!! major HG there.
When I first used it, I was using way too much, but now I've worked out how much I need for my curls, and its soooo good. So I just poo and dish, combing CKdown through soaking hair whilst still in the shower, then scrunch with my microfibre towel. when I get out, I put a little bit more on the ends and then leave it without touching until it starts to work. You really can see the curls start to spring up even more. If you need more volume, you can gently scrunch it up when its close to dry, or diffuse also. I dont need anymore volume, that's for sure. I've got devacurl angell and CHC leave in protein treatment on order too. For me I had dryness on the ends with the CK, but figured out I was just overdoing the amount I was using. Once I got the amount right, its now really soft and shiny, well defined and frizz free. If you need more hold, you will have to layer a gel over the top. i just use Aloevera gel. (fruits of the earth) see ya!
3a /f/ii 13.5/20/25 Mastey traite' no sulphate poo and moisturee condish , CK(rocks) . Air drying all the way. Hair getting curlier as it gets healthier. woohoo!!
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awwww.... you guys made me ink.