hi, i just found this website and am amazed to see that soo many women have curly woes just like me. my best friend is getting married in 2 weeks and i have been putting off getting a haircut for as long as possible seeing as NO stylist has EVER cut my hair well for my curls. if i want to flatten it out its fine but not for my curls. i have 3a type hair and its fine. i live i vancouver, BC, canada and there are no salons which offer exclusive cuts for curls (i am soo jelous they have them in the states!) and was wondering what i should tell my stylist --who cuts my hair then straightens it---- when i go for my cut. i highly doubt she knows anything about the deva cut, or the ouldad slicing and carving technique. any sugesstions as to what i should ask for. my hair is mid back, fine, and type 3a. thanks