My mom was absolutely stunning. I have a picture with her and my father walking out of the church after their wedding (she was 19 ) and when my in laws saw it, they seemed so surprised about how good looking my mom WAS. That completely threw me off and hurt my feelings, since it implied that they thought she was no longer attractive.

I think my mom is still attractive, but I do not think she goes out of her way to play up her best features. She is widowed and will cometimes say stuff like "If I hada boyfriend, I'd get dental implants" (she wears a partial up front) or some other thing. I think she should go ahead and do that stuff for HERSELF instead of reasoning that she would only have a reason to do it if she had an SO.

Personality-wise, she is a generous person and has strong convictions. She always means well and has improved and matured with age.
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