I think for me it works better if I stay away from the One C altogether. It leaves me with coated and fluffy curls everytime I use it. Last weekend I actually strayed from it because I was out of town and only used some V05 SKR and a tiny bit of drugstore gel(whatever my DH brought along) and I had nicer curls than I've been having since using the One C. Ana's routine might not be working for me but you two lovely ladies are helping me figure out my summer routine. (which I appreciate )
I'm still going to check in to see how you girls are liking the routine. Thanks for wishing me good hair days hockeymom! I'm wishing the same for both of you too!

ETA: Lush, I just saw what you wrote now. I think your right about the Arc Angell not having enough hold with our length, but I'm not sure. When I used to use it last summer, I remember it making my hair smooth and tangle free, but it didn't do that this time. I think I'm going to try it one more time after washing with low poo and see how that goes. That March picture was my hair with only Too Shea left in. I was following my old routine which worked prefectly for me all winter. I don't think I had a bad hair day all winter in fact. Hmm, maybe I should go back to that routine only modify it a little because it's more humid now and the heat isn't blasting so I don't need as much moisture. During the winter, the flax seed gel would make my hair curlier, clumpier and shinier, but I didn't always use it because of the shrinkage lol. I should probably just use it regularly now that it's more humid out though. Thanks for the compliment!