I'm pretty sure I'm a 2C, but with some 3A.

Here's my routine.

I wash my hair a few times a week with a sulphate-free shampoo (Avalon or Jessicurl). I only wash my scalp, too. Because I don't highlight or use heat, I think my hair is in good condition, so I don't always use conditioner if I'm in a rush. If I do use conditioner, I use KMS Curl Hydrator, henna wax (from Boots) or Aloeba. I comb it through with my fingers. Occasionally, when my hair is playing up, I will use a shampoo with sodium laureth sulphate, and apply it to my hair. This gets rid of any build up, and seems to be something that helps more in the summer than winter.

I wash in the evening, with my head over the side of the bath, with cool water. I get more root lift that way, and it helps my hair to wave further up my scalp.

As soon as I've turned off the water (after rinsing out all the conditioner) I put in Batia and Aleeza gel upside down. I comb it through with my fingers, paying particular attention to the ends, but avoiding the roots. I make sure that my hair looks as unfrizzy as possible after I've put the gel in.

I then scrunch with a t-shirt upside down. I flip my hair back over and scrunch some more. It dries off overnight, so I only have to scrunch the crunch in the morning.