Keep it simple-those sound like words of wisdom to me. I can't believe your hair is waist length now! That's some fast growing hair, I think the last time I looked at your pictures it was around bsl(which is pretty much my current hair length when wet). Your hair just gets more and more beautiful. You've always been about a year ahead of me in taking care of your curls, and now you're at least a year ahead of me in growing your hair out too. You have been and still are an inspiration to me banjo. A couple of questions for you(I know, this is such a long guano).. Can you really go without gel even in the summer? I mean I know you're an active woman too. Also, do you have any specific advice for those of us that are growing our hair out to about your length(or Ana's)? I have never had long curly hair since I was a kid so I am really just learning as I go here. My biggest issue has been with tangles and then experiencing lots of shedding when I try to detangle my hair.
I liked that part about we must be doing something right. Thanks and I totally agree that lush and hockeymom have beautiful curls!!(they both have to know how much I adore their hair by now though. :P )