Banjo, your new pictures are gorgeous! You and hockeymom both have the incredible kind of hair that looks weightless and just shrinks right up. It's really amazing actually! That will especially be a great quality for growing out since you'll still have great curls at longer lengths. Hairdressers have always commented on how extrememly heavy my hair is when it's wet. So for now I like that I can easily use the weight of my hair and no gel to keep my hair from shrinking up very much. But the weight makes me wonder if I'll still have curls when my hair gets longer. Thanks for sharing what you do for the tangles. I detangle my hair with conditioner and honey in it too. Maybe the cold water rinse will help though. My hair tangles easily when it's dry though. I'm thinking I should wear my hair in protected styles more often. Do you usually wear your hair up or down? I've tried the GF leave-in conditioners. They are a lot like One C to me. They will make my hair smooth and moisturized for the first few days but then the cones make my curls look undefined and poofy. Your hair looks as gorgeous as ever with those products though! And good for you for finding something that works so well at such an inexpensive price! I think my version of "keep it simple" is going to be using Jessicurl conditioners since those are the only conditioners that work for me in the long run. I'll probably switch to Aloeba for the summer. Good thing Jessicurl sells those suckers in gallons. All 4 of us have very different hair, but it's nice to find others who share the same goal of wanting long healthy hair. Especially when the other heads of hair are all breathtakingly gorgeous and are kind of enough to put up with all my pestering questions.
You only trim your hair once a year huh. Lucky you, I wish I could wait that long. The ends of my hair are still thick and I don't have many(if any) split ends but I get more tangles and the ends get dry if I don't trim for a while. I have gone 6 months since my last cut and I've been getting my hair trimmed every 6 months but I'm trying to wait until my hair looks longer than bsl dry before I trim again. I feel like my hair is stuck at the end of an inbetween phase and trimming now will only cause me frustration. So I'm trying to last as long as possible before I trim but I have this awful urge to pick up scissors all the time! I really like your haircut by the way. I love the way those pretty curls of yours taper at the end.

Hockeymom- I can tell a huge difference in the length of your hair from your first album to your Spring album!! Since we see our hair everyday it never seems like our hair is growing to ourselves but I definitely can see the extra length in your hair. I can never see the extra length in my own hair so I appreciate you saying that it looks longer! Waaaaaa I want hair that curls up like yours!