Hi guys! Joining you as another 2C/3A!

My routine is this:
I shampoo daily, although I've been trying to use a sulfate free shampoo. I say "try" b/c I'd love to use up everything I have right now! I'm also using any 1 of my 7 conditioners......so I can go out and buy new ones! Okay, so after I shampoo and condition, I rinse it all out, and then flip my head over upside down, and comb w/ a wide tooth comb. Then I scrunch some curl back in and shake it out a little and scrunch it up into a bun-type-thing, and secure it w/ a claw clip. I stay like that for the rest of my shower, and about 15-20 minutes after I'm out and getting ready. I blot it w/ a towel when it starts dripping. Then I take it down, and shake it out, and put in gel. I've been using Aloe Vera, the gel-liquid edible kind. I'm loving that and Dove anti frizz cream. I air dry when it's really warm, but otherwise I diffuse. When I'm all dry I smooth on the Dove cream, and scrunch in more curls.

Once I run out of my shampoos and conditioners, I'll be on the hunt for new products!
~ the artist formerly known as babywavy ~

Please excuse any typos. For the time being, we are blaming it on my computer.