Hello all,

I belong in two boards like most of you. My hair can be curly when wet and wavy when dry. It looks thin but feels thick (to me anyway as I always wished it was as thick as it felt!).

After going through the product junkie stage, of which I'm still partly in, I'm beginning to find my favorites. Although I consider myself mostly CG, my hair does respond well to cones, so some of the stuff I use does have a stray cone but I generally try to make sure it's not at the beginning of the list.

Conditioners (wash and leave-ins): (no particular order)
*VO5 Moisture Milk Strawberries and Cream w/honey
*Suave Professionals Humectant w/jojoba oil
*Potion #9 (Sally's version)
*Giovanni 50:50 Remoisturizer

Gels: (no particular order)
*Herbal Essence Humidity Defying Gel
*Aura Hypo-allergenic Gel
*Aussie Tizz No-Frizz
*Suave Biolage
*ABBA Weightless Gel
*Garnier Fructis XXL Volumizing Gel (this is rapidly becoming my HG even though it has a cone )

Joico Ice Whip
J/A/S/O/N pump mousse (not sure about this one)

Other "stuff":
Jojoba oil

Sally's verion of Joico K-Pak

Second day hair is unheard of for me, so I usually end up co-washing every morning with Suave Humectant w/jojoba oil. Condition with VO5 MM Strawberries and Cream (LOVE the scent!). Blot dry with a microfiber towel. Put the leave-in de jour. Mix a little FOTE with the gel de-jour. Maybe put in a little mousse on the top of my (I NEED volume and will take anybody's leftovers!), then a little more FOTE and gel and scrunch. Try to see if I can use clips that day (hair is usually too thin ) ala Mayim's pics. Diffuse upside down 80% dry, then air dry.

Then the frustrating part comes ... trying to arrange my hair. The bottom of my hair usually gets sacrificed because it's so difficult to the the top of my head/crown area to behave (gotta make sure my scalp is covered). But, with the Garnier Fructis gel, I've found that I can blow dry my bangs straight, then blowdry just the top for a few seconds to give it some lift before diffusing.

I am waiting on my order of Curl Keeper and Elucence to come in and I'm hoping the CK will help with some of the other cone-free gels. I'm just finding more and more that when I use the GF, I'm very pleased with the way my hair looks.

Did I write a book?

I cut and pasted from the 2b post I just did .
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