sad20gif I am so sad to have to post this, but here goes…. I sent LipGlassHoney 2 brand new, unopened jars of Boots & a generous sample of Jessicurl Confident Coils on May 18/05. She was supposed to send me 2 new jars of ORS Lock & Twist in return. I have received nothing. She will not answer my emails or the PM’s I sent her. I know that she has opened the PM’s cause they are no longer in my outbox, but she has just ignored them.

Now, she was getting the better end of this deal anyway cause the ORS only costs $3.99 each, while I paid (including shipping), $12 each for the Boots. But I did not care about that cause I really wanted the ORS. Plus I paid $11.75 to send it to her via airmail, so I am out a total of $35.75!!!

Please do not swap with LipGlassHoney, it appears that she steals from unsuspecting curlies!!! She seemed like such a nice person too, she even offered to buy me anything I wanted from the local beauty supply stores near where she lives. Boy, am I glad that I did not take her up on that, or I would be out even more money!!! She also seems to have disappeared from the site.

I think that from now on I will only swap with curlies who are on the Recommended Swappers list. I can’t afford to get burnt like this again!! :x

NOTE: If I hear from her or receive my package I will edit this post.
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