I use Burt's Bees on my face. I loved the orange face cleanser, but they've apparently stopped making it and now have a Lemon Poppy one out. I just got it this week and I'm still making up my mind. I LOVE the moisturizer and the exfoliating scrub.

When I was looking for the orange stuff, I asked the stocker about it. She said she'd heard that Burt had left the company. That he didn't own a controlling share and that the company was starting to cut corners, etc. He wouldn't stay b/c they wouldn't maintain the quality he wanted. Has anyone else heard this? Is it true?

I really hope not b/c these guys are messing with my FACE HGs!!!!
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Hey, I think I have a tube of the orange face cleanser at home. I used it a few times, but it didn't work well for my oily skin. Want it? I'll send it for the price of postage. PM me if you're interested.