I'm actually a cross between 2c and 3a so I will post this on both boards. I just bought Jessicuel RR and CCSS and I need a good routine because so far, my hair is not looking so hot with these products. Right now this is my routine.
1. Wash with No Poo (about 2X per week)
2. Condition with One Condish (Leave a little in)
3. Flip head over and scrunch in 2 puddles of RR (no raking through)
4. Still flipped, scrunch with tshirt
5. Scruch in more RR and a quater size of CCSS
6. Plop for about 30 minutes and diffuse.

Someone please help!
Starting my curly resolution! 3a/3b with some waves thrown in. Haven't been CG in a while. Need product suggestions.