Just don't let the stylist give you medium layers. If I let my hair go natural (no styler), the shortest layer is just below the cheekbone when it should be around jaw level. Not that it doesn't look all that bad, it'll just take a while now for it to get to where it should have been. I dare not use anything to make it curl up even more!

Also, INSIST on a micro cut for the length if you're worried about that. What was once almost mid-back for me is now just below the shoulders. It feels lighter, which may be a good thing during the hot dry summers we have, but it took me forever & a day to get it to that length, so I'm starting over.

And one more thing, DEMAND the stylist not thin the hair, with anything! When I said "no thinning shears" I also meant DON'T use regular scissors like curling a ribbon!

ETA: Although I must say I have a bit more volume than I did when it was so blah!