Curly hair is obviously dry by nature which is why CG works for so many curlies...
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This isn't necessarily true. I'm one of those curlies who Massey claims cannot possibly exist: my hair is not the least bit dry, and in fact actually tends toward being oily, despite the fact that I use shampoo (though now it's a sulfate-free one) and diffuse every, single day. I know I'm in the curly minority, but I'm not the only one in the world like this!
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That's really interesting. I've seriously never heard of someone with curly hair whose hair isn't dry. And every singe article I've ever read on curly hair also seems to suggest the same thing. I've even had a few stylists reassure me that "curly hair is dry by nature" so I should give up on the idea that my hair will ever be less dry. Thank you for saying that, I've learned something new today! (And lucky you!)

ETA: After re-reading this thread, also in my original post what I think I meant by the oil was the scalp's natural oils that it produces. I don't think condition washing completely removes all of that. Also strict condition washing can(but doesn't always!) lead to buildup of many things which would also weigh down fine curls. Even co-washing with cheap conditioners that don't have cones or polyquats leads to build up in my hair. My hair is currently overconditioned and I can feel build up as well. I'm glad this got bumped up, it reminds me that I need to poo.