Thanks KJ! I am thinking of trying putting it in another pineapple right after its dry tomorrow. I did this the other day, for late day hair, after putting a little water on it and except for the frizz it was way curly. So we'll see.
I use the deva clips. I tried the other long ones, but they were just too long and fell over. I pinch some hair on either side of the part and put the clip either crossways or today I tried putting them straight end, so the end of the clip was pointed towards my back. It seemed easier to remove them without pulling some hair with it. I hope that makes sense. I usually do it when my hair is still warm from the diffuser and spray some hair spray on them once they are all in.

Thanks Kimmyc! I was thinking 2b but sometimes its hard to tell when it's your own hair, ya know.

Thanks Kimberly! I get some dents sometimes, but usually if I just scrunch a little with my fingers then that either comes out, or I usually take the dent side and flip it to the other side and it give it a little more lift in front. Like the other day when I had to get a passport pic taken (yuk) I had this funky wave/curl in front. I just flipped it and went, figuring nobody's passport pics ever look good anyway. Surprisingly the hair looked ok, but the pic was still ick.
2b color treated red hair.
Current routine: Oh honestly it changes so much I'd have to rewrite this daily!
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