My guess would be the elixir because I did almost this exact same routine thurs.night except that I didn't substitute honey for elucence with the elixir leave-in, and I applied about 4 blobs of angell. I just started using the elixir as a leave-in (about 3 times now and thanks to certain enablers on this board - you know who you are! ), and I've noticed how my hair has seemed a bit limp each time I've used it.
I didn't use Angell the first two times (used B&A, RR or something else instead) so I would count that out. I've been using the honey rinse or adding honey to the condish for quite a while now, so I would count that out as well (at least for mine). I really suspect it might be the Elixir, so maybe you don't know as much of that? Or perhaps the elucence does such a great job of conditioning on it's own, that the Elixir isn't necessary afterwards? Perhaps it adds too much conditioning?
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