Hi Curlies! So I recently joined the forum and became completely addicted. I read all the posts about MaduSalon as well as Teresa Callen. I just don't know which one to go too. I live in San Carlos which is in the Mid Peninsula so Teresa is closer to me. However, I have emailed and left her a message and she hasn't responded. =( I'm not sure if I should go to MaduSalon or wait for her to respond.

I really want a good cut since my hair is so long. I don't want to lose the length right now it is 37". Anyway I have seen posts from both CurlyOTPie and CurliLocks and I just don't know what to do. I'm so confused I would seriously cry if I got a horrible cut. Here are a couple of pics of my hair:



It has grown out longer since these pix but the only new pictures I have are with straighter hair and they are here:



I'm learning to love my curls and since starting CG only 2 days ago I have already noticed a major difference in my curls! (I was never big on poo previously, I would only poo maybe once a week or so.)
I have 3b/37in/iii I absolutely love it!