Ok so I'm totally impatient and I booked a appointment at MaduSalon. I couldn't wait for Teresa any longer and MaduSalon was able to give me an appointment next Sunday 05/27/07!! Yay! So excited! I'm seeing Shannon because I can only come in on Sundays. I will be sure to let everyone know how it comes out and take before and after pictures.

CurliLocks I tried the number you gave me and the receptionist said she no longer works there. I found her at http://www.imgarts.com and her new number is (650)-322-6868. One of the reasons I didn't wait for her, was because my work is so demanding, I don't have a very flexible schedule right now. Yuck! But what can I do I'm an entry level college grad. I should be happy with working!

I'm pretty excited about Shannon I've read good reviews about her on Yelp.com. I'll be crossing my fingers

Update: So Teresa called me back, however she doesn't work Sundays or Mondays which are the only days I could really invest 3 hours for a hair cut. I'm glad I got the appointment at MaduSalon.
I have 3b/37in/iii I absolutely love it!