I needed to use shampoo. I think my silky hair gets weighed down way too much to use so much condish. I am sticking to sulfate free poos and no cones. I also may not always wash my hair but the condish every day was way too much.

I did like the curls though. Hmmmmm....

Any thoughts? I may feel different after my hair cut on wed.
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I completely understand. I rotate between Jessicurl HCC and washing with Suave M&H conditioner. But, I have feeling my hair is in worse shape than yours

My daughters hair seems the same way as yours. She is able to condition wash with Suave M&H, but, she also has to use CON detangling conditioner shampoo as well. My advice would be to do what works for your hair. And, if that is washing then find gentler/healthier shampoo's that work for you. Try CON if you want grocery store shampoo or if you don't mind ordering I would recommend trying HCC or Deva low poo.