Awww thank you Ladydancing. You are so nice and that is so flattering. That's why I love this place! Everyone so kind to each other and always building the other person up. How is your husband enjoying being an ordained minister? Your hair looks great too and how are you liking it since you've BCed?

Hannan-- I wear my hair up the majority of the time too. When I want it sleeker I put in olive oil lotion and sometimes AO mandarin jelly. But so far I've just been leaving in CoN or Suave M&H. They seem to be doing all right.

Cehua-- thank you for showing me that Laissez Faire hair I think i'll try that while I'm visiting at home to see if it works out. I think I'll have to use conditioner or oil though unlike her.
Thick coarse 3c/4a prone to dryness.
Aphogee 2 Step treatment
Generic Biolage Conditioning Balm
Tigi MM Conditioner
Creme of Nature Shampoo for dry hair
Denman D3
Giovanni Direct Leave-in
SheaMoisture Leave-in

"Make it work!"- Tim Gunn