CurliLocks I tried the number you gave me and the receptionist said she no longer works there. I found her at and her new number is (650)-322-6868.
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Ack! I'll have to try calling next week to see where she went. She had just moved to Textures when I saw her.
The link and number you posted are her old contacts (she said). I wonder what's up? And I hope the move doesn't mean a price hike.

I think you're going to get a cut you love with either salon, they are both deva trained. MeduSalon will probably be better since Teresa is not available Sun and Mon when you are. I only recommended Teresa because I'm so happy with the cut and because she was closer for you. I thought of MeduSalon too, but didn't want to travel so far from Newark every time.

So we'll be waiting for those before/after photos then! Good luck and enjoy the experience.

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