hi again,

since you wear your hair up most of the time i think you can definitely get away with no gel. the main thing for me is to put my hair up while it is at least damp and since i do not wash my hair everyday i either wet it with water or i use the frizz ease spray on conditoner or that stuff that they usually dump on curly hair when you go to a salon (i totally do not know why i am drawing a blank i can picture it in my head). it comes in a white plastic bottle with brown or maybe black lettering and it is a treatment but it is very watery. then i just put on something else either a conditioner that is kind of heavy like the coconut mask from kiehl's or i have been using the generic version of potion 9 (from sally's) or the generic version of paul mitchell the cream (also from sally's). lush also has this solid conditioner that i like (i think it is called jungle) but i think that has to do more with the smell and i will rub that on my head too if i think of it, but the main thing is to see what you like you may want to mix conditioner and gel and see how this works for you. i used to do that in the days i still used gel. good luck -- let us know how you make out.