Awww thank you Ladydancing. You are so nice and that is so flattering. That's why I love this place! Everyone so kind to each other and always building the other person up. How is your husband enjoying being an ordained minister? Your hair looks great too and how are you liking it since you've BCed?
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You are welcome . Hubby is enjoying being a minister. I just look at him and can't believe that I am married to a Reverend. Actually, he can't believe it too. It hasn't quite settled in.
Thanks for the compliment on my hair. I think I need a trim especially in the front, so I should be working on doing that sometime this summer.
I think that I will be trying conditioner (Elucence with oil) as an leave in and see how that works. I have to also experiment with brushing the styling aid too. Keep us posted on your results. bye for now!
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