Aubrey Organics huh? I'll have to take a look at that one. Is the AO Jelly
a liquid type or more jelly type?

An Akasha:
I've been using the S & D too I like how it softens and is so light in the hair. I actually had someone do a few flat twists with it yesterday to see how it would look as a twist-out.

wow, it made your hair hard?! I usually layer it on top of something else because I get chicken to try new products alone on clean, 1st-day hair - I know I won't want to re-wash if I don't like it. I know some products stop working after using them so I'm hoping the moisturizing effects are not short-lived. I do remember it kind of foaming a little when I applied it, the way bar soap does when it starts to lather a bit. So far, it's working okay - not ready to send it to the graveyard yet.

thanks for your responses ladies ~