OK this is what i do... after i take a shower, to style my hair i brush it and get the part i want in it, then i take hair gel and apply a quarter sized amount on my hands and rub it so it covers my hands and then i run my hands through my hair trying to evenly cover all my hair with a tiny bit of gel. but after my hair dries, i find that i covered some strands with gel and left others totally untouched. any suggestions on how to avoid this? or even suggestions on products that wont do this? thanks!
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I didn't answer your poll because I don't have a "daily routine." I do what my hair needs me to do from day to day, and sometimes that's just leave it be. I wash my hair when it's dirty. somethime that's in three days, sometimes that's a week, sometimes that's two days in a row - it depends on what I've been doing and how my hair feels.

I never use a brush on my hair. I don't ever recommend it to curly girls, either. It's not a good method for detangling and curly hair is more porous than straight, so it can't take the ripping and tugging damage a brush does.

I finger comb and manipulate tangles out with my fingers when dry, and comb it with a wide toothed comb when my hair is saturated with conditioner and wet.

you have curly hair. a *tiny bit* of gel isn't going to do it. I have hair past my shoulders. I divide my soaking wet hair into three sections, and each section gets a glop of gel that's bigger than a quarter sized amount... and I can *still* miss strands. it is tres annoying! I'd rec that you section into three sections, apply gel to each section (while soaking wet) then bend over so your hair is hanging upside down and work ANOTHER quarter-sized amount in a "scrunching" motion.

You could try "plopping" and see if it helps you.

Leave-in conditioners can be quite nice.
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