Thanks, I will try to clip it again and flip the other way. Passport pics are like DL pics.....they always make you look horrible. I think the people that take the pictures have a sercret organization that give monetary awards for the worst pictures
Then the girl that took mine so totally won! I hope the clips work for you. I tried a pineapple after I was done diffusing yesterday after re-wetting and conditioning it after the cut. I had plenty of volume, but more frizz than I like. I don't know if it was the pineapple and touching it too much or the towel drying from the haircut.

Meegs: Do you find the bulk weighs your hair down? It seems like mine does and its such a fine line finding stuff that works and doesn't weigh it down.
2b color treated red hair.
Current routine: Oh honestly it changes so much I'd have to rewrite this daily!
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