I shampood with CON on Tuesday and then did Jessiecurl DT with a little jojoba oil in it and my hair looks AMAZING! I also went back to my old gel, Dep Moisturizing Gel (has water soluble cones). I mixed it with the Aura Hypo-Allergenic gel and my hair has shine and beautiful curls. Both textures (I'm transitioning) look great!

I have never tried a shampoo and loved it so much like CON. It's very moisturizing and actually detangled my hair somewhat (I detangle with condish).

This was the third time using Jessiecurl DT (I DT and shampoo once a week) and the other times I wasn't impressed. So this time I decided to add a little jojoba oil to it to help spread it more easily and I used less since it's so concentrated. It worked wonders.

My hair looks so good that now I don't know if I want to cut it. Double edged sword. Can't win. But in the meantime....I'm soooo happy
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Happy to hear that this routine and products is working for you. Don't you just love Jessicurl DT?
So, you use jojoba oil with the DT? I have some of her oil blend for softer hair that I've thought about mixing with the DT, but am concerned that it may leave my hair oily. How much oil did you use and did it leave it oily?
Did you just rinse the DT out and style?
Thanks in advance!
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