Kimberly - I really want Jessicurl to work for me, but I seem to get frizz with NO curl enhancement whatsoever!!! The Awe Inspiralling is the only styling product that I have consistently good results with (used over Boots for 2nd day hair), & her Aloeba condish works well for my hair, too. What did you learn to do in order to make them work for you? I would love to get the curl enhancing benefits of the RR or Gelebration that everyone else seems to be getting

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Let's see.....where to begin. First of all, I have had a lot of input from some really great girls here and Jess herself. Their collaboration mixed with mine has come up with this. Please note this changes daily

Wash with a rotation of HCC and Suave M&H conditioner

Rinse with Honey (2 tablespoons in 4 cups of water) and condtion with Too Shea before I rinse out the honey. Finger comb my hair. I leave all of this on until I am ready to get out of the shower.

Rinse upside down with cold water. Leave my head upside down as I do the following:

Gentley squeeze excess water out. Use about 1 dime size of EMB as a leave-in

Rake in 1 puddle of RR mixed with CCSS (I mixed two-three tablespoons of CCSS into the bottle of RR and shook the heck out of it).

Scrunch with microfiber towel and add three more puddles.of RR/CCSS combo. Some upside down, some with hair shaken to each side and make sure I get the halo area too. Scrunch with towel again.

This is the part I am still working on; all three give me good results.

Use CK before the above routine

Use B&A gel or Re-Coil after the above routine.

I also DT once a week with Jessicurl DT mixed with honey and Coconut oil on wet hair. I use heat with DT.

Key things for me are to not touch my hair with my hands. I even keep a little piece of microfiber towel in my purse for when I use Awe spray to refresh. At first I loved plopping, but, the above routine gives me less frizz and encourages the curl.

I also was not using enough product according to Jess. Using more helped, but, I can NOT use CCSS except for the little bit mixed with RR or I get frizzy. A little helps out, but a lot makes a mess for me.