Thanks so much! I'm going to give this a try. I was using 2 parts RR to 1 part CCSS, but it still wasn't working for me. I think part of my problem is not using enough product, too, although I've read where the CCSS can be kind of finicky.

I like the AG Re:coil, too. Yesterday I used it underneath the Kenra Styling Gel (hold 17) & had great hair. I like using the CK under my Abba Weightless, but lately the CK has been almost too much moisture under some of my other gels.

I usually don't use (or need) leave-ins, as I get so easily overconditioned, but I've been loving the Rusk Calm Leave In/Detangler sprayed onto the lower 1/2 or so of my hair. It's like water, so it needs to be sprayed on, but it's really helped any frizz that I might get.
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Your welcome

You know, I am beginning to think I am a weird wavy girl. Am I the only one whose hair loves condioners of any kind all the time Have I destroyed my hair that much in recent straightening/highlighting years?