Baseball is my first choice: Member of Red Sox Nation....and before I get any comments I have been my whole life
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I know what you mean. I'm a St. Louis Cardinals fan from a looooong line of St. Louis Cardinals fans. But when I moved here to San Antonio, McGuire was in full swing (literally) and everyone thought I was a bandwagoner. I was SO INSULTED. So I started showing off my tee shirt from the '82 World Series. Sure, I was 17 in 1982, and by then had been Cardinals-crazy for 17 years but at least it was proof that I wasn't a bandwagoner!
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My husband inspected people's hats last fall to see if they were new
Even though I am not a M******* (he hates it when I say that), since, I am from New England he has agreed to share the Red Sox with me. His tune changes when he is around my dad. Then my dad has first dibs on the Sox