Meegs: Do you find the bulk weighs your hair down? It seems like mine does and its such a fine line finding stuff that works and doesn't weigh it down.
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I suffer from major weigh-down issues, not only with products but with length as well. I feel like once my hair gets past a certain point, the weight of it starts to pull the volume and curl out of my hair. This may just be me getting paranoid though, and not knowing how to adjust the amount of product but I'm no good at figuring out the amount of product to put on my hair at it's current length either!

It's a struggle to find a conditioner that moisturizes without weighing down too. My hair is not uber-dry, so I don't need an extremely thick or heavy conditioner. But if I don't protect it with adequate moisture, it can get very dry-looking, tangly and straw-like in no time flat.

Don't really have any answers I guess. Just commiserating.
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Right now I am really liking Suave Coconut with some olive oil mixed in. I usually put about a tbsp or 2 in a regular size bottle. I go through it pretty quick, so I don't really worry about it spoiling or anything. It seems to give really good slip without feeling weighted down. I tried the V05 honey almond, but it seems too heavy for me. The moisture milks seem ok so far, but still thicker and heavier than the suave. I alternate it with deva one also.
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